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LED Solar And Solar Power Solutions!

Cambridge Solar is a Perth based company specialising in solar power for residential and commercial buildings. Cambridge Solar uses high quality inverters and panels because we believe that quality pays over the long term. Cambridge Solar recommends SMA or Fronius inverters and can use a variety of panels to suit, Including: Q-Cells, Canadian Solar, GCL and Talesun
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Importance of Solar Panels and LED lights

Solar power is a beautiful thing.It is imperative that the world becomes more sustainable. Solar power on your house is one way which you can help reduce your bills but also help to reduce carbon emissions and global warming. Once installed a quality solar power system will reliably generate power day after day, year after year. Always paying itself back (generally 3-5years). It is worth paying a little more for a high quality inverter as you will have less issues than the cheaper inverters and will actually save money from not replacing them 5 years down the track.

Here at Cambridge Solar our team strives to live more sustainably. Our Director Chris Barker has been involved in the industry for around 15 years. He completed his honours in Energy Science BSc at Murdoch University in 2003 and built his sustainable home in 2011 where he has had no power bills in 7 years (actually gets credits),even with the modern luxuries of air conditioning and a heated spa. We believe in the technology and stand by the quality of our systems. Cambridge Solar strive to provide the best service in the industry from free quotes and design service to the implementation and after care service.

Solar panel and battery solutions

Cambridge Solar also can provide batteries to store extra generated renewable energy so that it can be used at night time. Cambridge Solar recommends installing system monitoring before undertaking battery storage so that data can be gathered for correct sizing of the battery system. Battery Systems including: Fronius, LG Chem, Samsung/Sungrow, Enphase and BYD are available
Batteries are still relatively expensive and so correct design is key to maximising their impact. There is no point putting on a 15kWh Battery storage if you only generate 3kWh of extra solar per day, there will be 12kWh of battery that will not be saving any power or money, this 12kWh will charge by the grid lose 3-5% of the power and provide it back at night but at minimal to no savings.
Ask Chris about installing an energy monitor at your place to determine the correct size batteries for your house. Monitoring Systems from $500 installed.
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